Joy Behar Insults Christians Again, Implies They Shouldn’t Worship Jesus and Support Trump’s Border Security Initiatives

Talk show host of The View, Joy Behar, has insulted Christians yet again.

Although she claimed to be one herself after previously mocking Vice President Mike Pence for talking to Jesus, Behar is now making a ridiculous correlation that Christians who celebrate Jesus and his birth are not allowed to if they also want a secure border for the United States of America.

She does this using a picture of a supposed church sign referencing children to make the gaslighting attempt even more appalling. In a tweet this morning, which happens to be a Sunday while many across the nation are preparing to visit church, she posted a picture of a church sign with her caption saying, “Maybe the greatest sins of the Trump administration.”.

It’s tough to determine for sure if the sign is real, although it’s quite possible, reading: “we can’t worship the child in the manger, while turning our backs on the child at the border”. See tweet:

This is classic Hollywood hypocrisy. Democrat elites, who either aren’t Christian at all, or often pervert or abuse Christianity, while also simultaneously trying to use the Bible they don’t respect, to tell Christians how they are supposed to live their lives.

It’s unfortunate. Meanwhile, as Joe Biden plans to take over the White House soon, there will be a massive push to reverse many of President Trump’s strong border security policies, despite reports from the Border Patrol that the wall and other policies have lowered illegal border crossings, which can also lead to injuries or death due to their unsafe nature.

In face, a caravan of potential illegal immigrants is heading this way as we speak, arguably fueled by rumors that a Biden administration might be more lenient on them coming over than a Trump administration would. These are people who have not applied to be citizens, and many have noted that in the video below released recently, most of them don’t even appear to be women and children. Watch:

Although it’s tough to say how a Biden/Harris administration will actually deal with future illegal immigration, it’s clear to us that they ran on a ticket which signaled more leniency to people who come into the United States via non-traditional methods.

Now we are being told yet again by Hollywood elites how we should be if we want to also worship Jesus, yet even the Bible had tragedies, borders, wars, and other tough decisions made by holy people. Without context, these types of attacks in our view are just political pushes at the lowest level we could ever see, using methods that should never be used.