Joy Reid is Livid that Surgeon General Jerome Adams Called for Political Unity in Anti-Trump Twitter Tirade

MSNBC’s Joy Reid, known for saying outrageous things during times of crisis, such as attempting to blame Attorney General Bill Barr for Jeffrey Epstein’s death, has come out with another doozy. This time she echoes an outlandish claim by someone else on Twitter that Trump appointed Surgeon General Jerome Adams doesn’t have a right to ask for bipartisanship and civility from politicians.

Could there be any other reason why ANYONE would think that ANYONE else wouldn’t have a right to ask for something as basic and reasonable as national unity during a crisis such as the Coronavirus pandemic we are experiencing? It’s as if the only reason would be to put forth negative vibes against President Trump while he does everything he can to stop Americans from getting sick.

This time it seems as though Jarome Adams was simply caught in the crosshairs of the apparent Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) epidemic that also seems to be going viral as well. Although not physically deadly, it seems to mean negativity against the current administration at almost any cost.

Reid retweeted Yashar Ali who said, “Someone tell the Surgeon General that it is not his place to talk about bickering or partisanship from the White House podium. His job is to talk about matters of public health. Ridiculous.” Her caption: “Amen. Also he didn’t share any useful health information that we didn’t already know. So is the scolding of those the president thinks are mean to him the Surgeon General’s only purpose for standing there?”

Joy’s other tweets help reinforce that concept as well. But first, check out the one below:

Surgeon General Jerome Adams is a highly respected man appointed in 2017 by President Trump. He served as Health Commissioner of Indiana under then-Governor Mike Pence in Indiana previously, between 2014 and 2017. In his speech today, he asked for “no more partisanship, no more criticism or fingerpointing.” He didn’t appear to direct it at any one side. See the clip below:

Others on the left have attacked Adams as well, as can be seen by anti-Trump rhetoric on Twitter and what some believe to be a left-wing hit piece rag “The Daily Beast”, who tried to say that he was downplaying the Coronavirus threat, see below:

Reinforcing the idea of Reid’s negativity instead of a broader push for unity which America needs are other tweets on her recent timeline, including multiple retweets by PBS News Hour reporter Yamiche Alcindor who got into a dispute with President Trump yesterday to which he responded, “that’s a nasty question”. She also ranted about Jerome Adams in other tweets, as well as saying that Trump’s ideas to cut student loan interest didn’t go far enough.

We could go on but I think you get the idea. Unfortunately for many on the left, instead of bipartisanship and calls for unity in this trying time, we have the attitude of “never let a serious crisis go to waste”. Hopefully, others on both sides will step up and lead, and the Trump administration, as well as state and local leaders will still be able to smoothly guide the nation to a soft landing from the Coronavirus pandemic in the end.

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