Joy Behar Takes a Coronavirus Vacation From the View Due to Age Concerns

Well not long after the infamous Joy Behar proclaimed on TV that she wanted President Trump to resign, and went on to say that she would feel more comfortable with Mike Pence as President, she is taking some time off.

The 77-year-old woman and Trump hater is citing Coronavirus concerns. She says that she is perfectly healthy but at a higher risk due to her age. It’s been reported by Variety that she’ll be taking next week off and after that, she will see what happens.

Whoopy, McCain, and Hoston plan to say on the set, for now, and it’s likely they’ll be able to make up for the anti-Trump negativity from Behar in her place while she’s gone, a seemingly common staple for the shows core viewers. Trump advocate and supporter David J Harris Jr tweeted out: “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!” along with his version of the story linked in a tweet, which can be seen below:

Many people are taking precautions over the coming weeks as the Coronavirus and it’s uncertainties sweep the world. Politics, opinions and public safety will hopefully be separated at this trying time for all Americans, although it is, sadly, almost certain that some partisan bickering will almost always remain no matter how bad it is.

We can only hope that the negativity can be minimized as much as possible. Perhaps Joy’s absence will mean less negativity, perhaps not. Regardless, we wish her good health and a speedy return as a gesture of good faith anyway.

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