Joy Reid Upset Her Netflix Binge Interrupted by Text Saying MyPillow CEO ‘A Part of Presidential Briefings’

Many have been happy to hear about how MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has came through for the country by producing 50,000 hospital masks a day now. MSNBC’s Joy Reid was upset however, when a text came through her phone notifying her that he was a part of President Trump’s White House briefing the other day.

So my Tiger King binge was interrupted by a text saying the CEO of MyPillow is now part of the presidential briefings on COVID19 … please tell me this is a prank.

Not a prank. Ok perfect. Everything is fine. Oh good and also this. Perfect.

Yamiche Alcindor:

So if Trump is now doing the Celebrity White House Apprentice will there be bigger stars cast? And can we expect dailing ratings updates? Because apparently what we can’t expect are answers to when we will have enough tests and crucial medical equipment to help beat the PAMDEMIC.

Whew… let me go back to Tiger King. Our DMV lockdown begins at 8pm ET and these episodes aren’t gonna watch themselves…

With the DMV lockdown beginning at 8 PM and these episodes not being able to watch themselves, Reid has continued her binge watching this week instead of doing anything to help people in a significant way similar to Lindell.

What bleak madness has prompted me to binge Containment on Netflix this week?

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