Joy Reid Wildly Proclaims Trump’s Republicans Descended into Racial-Cultural Insurgency Despite Ongoing BLM Riots

According to the current Twitter chatter, Rachel Maddow had an interesting show tonight. Based on tweets it sounds like she hurled a bunch of potentially baseless accusations at Republicans, including one of Trump’s lawyers allegedly collecting signatures for Kanye West to Republican Senators propagating a fake investigation into Joe Biden. Her show seems to have hit a cord with MSNBC commentator Joy Reid.

Reid took to Twitter herself to explain better herself what she claims Maddow was talking about. She starts off with, “what .@maddow is describing right now, between Republican Senators laundering Russian agitprop into fake investigations of Joe Biden, to the gutting of the Postal Service, to Pompeo having to sneak to warn Russia not to kill our troops while Trump talks to Putin EIGHT TIMES…” This all sounds like normal talking points from the left.

Then it spirals into something that is not only from left field but an entirely different stadium of ideas with her next tweet continuing, “…is nothing short of the transformation of an American political party — the Republicans — into an arm of a hostile foreign power. The Republican Party is not really the party of Trump. They are the party of Russia. That is a scary but unfortunately real thing.”

Reid doesn’t stop with that she just continues down her apparent rabbit hole, “The party had already descended into a racial-cultural insurgency, but this is even worse. There is almost nothing left of Abe Lincoln’s party beyond racial grievance, demographic panic, greed & ruthless cruelty, Islamophobia, Xenophobia, anti-democracy and a cult of personality.” Some might say this is a whole new level for the left of left commentator or possibly she got confused as to which party she was talking about.

Reid concluded with “My pro-Republican, Reaganite father must be spinning in his grave. Here’s a piece on Pompeo’s sneaking…” We can only guess she threw her father in the mix to make people feel her genuine intent it what she was saying.

If you believe Reid and other left-leaning (to put it lightly) pundits and politicians are putting what seems to be really happening to our nation practically backwards, you could be forgiven for thinking they are using the radical rule which has been attribute to many radicals over the years: “accuse the other side of that which you are guilty of”.

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