Juanita Broaddrick on Tucker Carlson Segment About Sidney Powell: ‘Heard he was Trashing my Hero’

President Trump has been in the fight of his political life since the presidency was declared for Joe Biden by most major media outlets. Rudy Giuliani, Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, and others have been trying to make the case that many swing states have improprieties that should, if nothing else, be further investigated before those key states certify the votes.

Today Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell had a bombshell press conference that made many Trump haters nervous and gave Trump supporters some apparent renewed hope.

But one of Republicans’ favorite icons appeared to throw shade on Sidney Powell tonight, citing her lack of willingness to come on the Tucker Carlson show. Many are disappointed with Tucker on social media tonight. Watch the clip and see what you think:


Ryan Saavedra told folks to turn on Tucker Carlson when it happened,. Juanita Broaddrick commented: “Heard he was trashing my hero @SidneyPowell1“.

While he wasn’t trashing her, he was indeed calling her out for not coming on the show and allegedly telling the show to stop contacting her. While everyone wants to see any and all evidence, the Trump team has made it clear that much of it is being reserved for the courts.

Sidney Powell very well may be making more of a deal than she should be out of her claims, as Tucker appears to be implying, but we don’t know that yet for sure and it appears as though Tucker has let down his fan base big-league tonight. Time will tell how the aftermath pans out as many continue to react.

Fox News ratings have been reportedly plummeting lately and one can only wonder exactly what is going on over there.

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