Justice Alito’s Required PA Lawsuit Response Date Changed to One Day Earlier Which Could Affect State’s Election Outcome

Previously we reported that Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito ordered Pennsylvania to respond by December 9th to a lawsuit regarding the presidential election. But it needed to be December 8th for the end result to have any impact on the election. Many were questioning why the deadline was the day after. Now the date has been moved up so that it could potentially make a difference.

“JUST IN – Supreme Court moves up deadline for briefing in #Pennsylvania case, bringing it within ‘Safe Harbor’ window to potentially intervene on mail-in ballot system adopted by the state legislature before the election.”

Though Alito originally called for response arguments from the Commonwealth to be filed by 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 9th, the case docket was changed Sunday morning to move that deadline up to Tuesday, Dec. 8, by 9 a.m.  The change is critical.

Previously we reported:

Former Republican Congressional Candidate for Arizona’s 7th district, Josh Barnett has just reported on his Twitter account some big and hopeful news for the President. News regarding possible election voter fraud and the involvement of the Supreme Court with regards to the 2020 presidential election. 

He Tweeted, “BREAKING: Pennsylvania Election lawsuit has been officially docketed at the US Supreme Court!!! Justice Alito has ordered the state to respond no later than December 9th.”

The State of Pennsylvania seems to be a keystone state for the President and the more the Supreme Court gets involved the better outlook for the President. With recently added Justice, Justice Barrett, there is now a 6-3 or 5-4 (worst-case scenario) conservative majority in the Supreme court.

Phildadelphia Inquirer reported:

Just hours after the congressman filed that appeal, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. issued a schedule for the case that appeared to foreclose any chance of the justices weighing in before the Electoral College vote had been finalized.

Alito, who handles emergency matters arising out of Pennsylvania for the court, gave state officials until Dec. 9 to file their reply — one day after the federal deadline for locking the state’s slate of electors in place.