Kamala Harris Demands ‘Thorough Investigation’ into ‘Horrible’ Treatment of Haitian Migrants From Men on Horses With Reins

The Biden administration has been in hot water since pictures were released which ultimately showed border patrol agents on horses with reins attempting to round up Haitian migrants to send them back.

Vice President Kamala Harris was asked about the pictures today and she responded by demanding a “thorough investigation” into the the “horrible” treatment.

As the border czar, Harris said “the whole point is that we have to understand, Haiti, talk about a country that has witnessed so much tragedy.”

“We have to do a lot more to recognize that as a member of the western hemisphere we have to support some very basic needs that the people of Haiti have to get back up,” Harris explained.

It seems clear that Harris believes we should pump more money into Haiti, although there is no guarantee that the money will ever make it to the people.

We also have many tragedies taking place here in the United States where people could use relief and it is an appalling suggestion in our view that simply because they are in the same hemisphere as us, they somehow are entitled to our resources.

Watch below:

Journalist Drew Hernandez pointed out, “The White House seems to be more horrified by horse reins at the Border than the Americans left behind in Afghanistan.”

Despite the suggestion that the border patrol agents had used whips being debunked, U.S. House Rep Jackie Speier (D-CA), included that word in a tweet where she echoed Harris’ words.

Speier declared, “As a Member who’s led trips to our border, the reports of Border Patrol officers seemingly using horses & whips or reins to round up Haitian migrants are repulsive.’

“We have a legal & moral obligation to migrants. These barbarous acts must be investigated & those involved fired,” Speier insisted.

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