Kathy Griffin Trashes Tiffany Trump, Then Says “F*** This B****” When Melania Spoke at RNC

Just when we didn’t think it could get any worse after reporting on Bette Midler insulting Melania Trump’s accent, Kathy Griffin, the same lady who held up a fake severed and bloody head of President Trump’s, has one-upped her indeed. Just moments ago we reported about Midler’s internet meltdown:

Midler tweeted out insulting Melania’s accent, saying “Oh, God. She still can’t speak English.” She seems to have forgotten that according to CNN, Melania Trump speaks multiple languages: “Speaks six languages: Slovenian, French, Serbian, German, Italian and English.”, although Snopes has marked this claim as ‘unproven’ so we are simply reported from other sources rather than making the claim ourselves.

Tiffany Trump also spoke at the RNC tonight which you can see in the clip below. Tiffany rarely appears, and Griffin took advantage of that fact instead of doing the ‘pro woman’ thing and giving her an ‘atta girl’ instead.

Griffin posted about Tiffany:

“I’m Tiffany Trump and I’ve loved my dad Donald J Trump ever since I met him in 2015” See tweet below:

Melania gave one of the best if not the best speech of the evening according to some RNC supporters. She slammed violence, pushed for peace and unity, and gave her husband shining reviews. But Griffin wasn’t all too thrilled with it, although she didn’t really cite anything wrong with Melania’s stunning moment in the spotlight.

Here is where Griffin has her meltdown moment, without even an ounce of human decency. During Melania’s speech Griffin simply posted:

“Seriously, f*ck this bitch.” The comments pretty much confirm it was aimed at Mrs. Trump.

It’s truly hard to put a whole lot more context to it than this. Despite the RNC’s attempts to move left on many issues, (which we disagree with), it seems the left can never be appeased. Not only that it seems they have to continue to one up themselves, getting crazier and more radical by the moment.

Long past are the days when class and Hollywood were synonymous in our opinion, and this is truly tragic. Let’s hope someday people actually listen to the first lady’s calls for unity, but until then you can never expect the left to take it down a notch in this culture war we are faced with.

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