Kathy Griffin, Who Rejoiced When Donald Trump had Covid, Needs Help from Social Followers as she Claims Cancer Doctor ’Ghosted Her’

Disclaimer: we at Media Right News don’t celebrate or wish harm on anyone. We wish the best for comedian Kathy Griffin and her health struggles. We do feel however that it’s important to point out that others should take the same approach.

We are all vulnerable and susceptible to diseases and health issues. Public figures especially, should lead by example, and not make light of such things for that aforementioned reason and other obvious ones.

Kathy Griffin has mocked her political enemies when they were at their worst, including former President Donald Trump. See examples below:

Griffin recently took to social media to seek help and sympathy. She says after complications with cancer, she can’t get an oncologist on the phone and that ”her surgeon has ghosted her”.

We wish Griffin the best at getting in touch with her doctors.

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