Kayleigh McEnany Hits Back After Mayor Lori Lightfoot Calls Her a ‘Karen’

Many have speculated that using the word Karen against white women has become an anti-white racial trope. Some may disagree. Others on the left even insist that anti-white racism isn’t even a thing. An opinion piece written on Greensboro.com reads in part:

“Karen” is a deprecating term used to label a demanding white woman who displays a sense of overbearing entitlement in various societal confrontations.

If your mother, sister, wife or daughter had this name how do you feel having it denigrated to a racial slur?

Labels are the social cancer of our country.

Time.com even has a story titled: “How the ‘Karen Meme’ Confronts the Violent History of White Womanhood”.

Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped the divisive Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago from hurling the term at White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. To be fair, Kayleigh did call Lightfoot “the derelict mayor of Chicago” according to Brian Bennett on Twitter.

That was just before saying that Mayor Lightfoot should request federal help to secure the city of Chicago from the massive violence it has been experiencing. Regardless of who started the little spat, Lightfoot clearly needs to step up the job she is doing in Chicago.

She also is not a stranger to having a foul mouth, telling a local Alderman he’s “full of sh*t” after he confronted her about lawlessness in the city in a conference call. McEnany had strong words to say back the the ‘Karen’ insult, retweeting Lightfoot’s tweet and saying:

“While you‘re focused on words, America is outraged by the violence perpetuated in your city. One person is taking action to stop violence in our streets: President @realDonaldTrump. He’s offered your city help. It’s a dereliction of duty not to take it.” See the exchange below:

Time will tell what happens next or if Kayleigh will address this situation at her next White House Press Conference. It won’t be surprising if White House Reporters bring it up as well, but in some backward way to try and make it look like the press secretary did something wrong. That of course, is just speculation. What’s definitely interesting is that Fox News called Kayleigh’s words a ‘slight’ but not the insult from Mayor Lightfoot. They wrote:

White House correspondent for Time Magazine Brian Bennett originally mentioned the slight on his Twitter account, before the message was picked up by Lightfoot.

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