Keith Olbermann Disingenuously Accuses Kevin McCarthy of Wanting to Defund Police after his Major Pro-Trump Statement Regarding Possible Arrest

Loudmouth lib Keith Olbermann, who has trouble keeping jobs at news stations due to his “controversial” mouth, is once again being disingenuous in our view. Olbermann is a Democrat.

Democrats support the violent rioting organizations known as Antifa and BLM. These groups started political movements to defund police departments and lower the threshold for law and order.

Many have disavowed these organizations as valid political movements due to the tragic heightened crime in major metropolitan areas. It’s arguable that Democrats support this demise of our nation with their policies even though they may disagree with the direct correlation.

Olbermann is mocking his own party by disingenuously accusing U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of pulling the same punches, simply because he wants to defend former President Donald Trump from apparent political persecution by the radical left wing banana republic government in Manhattan in our opinion.

Earlier we reviewed on McCarthy’s latest move to combat Alvin Bragg, the George Soros linked progressive D.A. Democrats on Twitter are livid, saying anything to show their fury.

“Once again, Republicans like @SpeakerMcCarthy threaten to defund the police”

Olbermann’s opinion doesn’t hold too much weight in our view, however, we wonder how many others have the same Trump Derangement Syndrome. Some think this possible upcoming arrest is a ploy to stop Trump, others think it will help him, and still others think it’s a trick to hurt Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ possible presidential campaign by making Trump a political martyr.

This is due to the fact that DeSantis is more mainstream and may do better against Joe Biden is the eyes of some. Time will only tell if this pans out or backfires for the radical leftists apparently hellbent on creating chaos for the political system.

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