Republicans get Supermajority in Louisiana State Legislature as Major Dem Rep Throws in the Towel and Switches Parties

For the first time in the state’s history, Republicans have a supermajority in Louisiana. Republicans now have a 70-vote supermajority and can override a veto by the state’s Democrat governor John Bel Edwards.

On Friday, the longest-serving Democrat in the Louisiana state legislature Rep. Francis Thompson announced he was switching parties. Thompson has served in the legislature since 1975. This action by Thompson doesn’t come as much of a surprise as his voting record shows that the had been caucusing with the Republicans.

Thompson gave a statement after announcing the switch, “Let me clear. Nothing has changed, there are values and principles that I firmly hold onto that guide my decision. My conservative voting record over my years in the Legislature speaks for itself.”

“The push the past several years by Democratic leadership on both the national and state level to support certain issues does not alight with those values and principles that are a part of my Christian life.” Thompson like many Democrats feels the party has progressed too far leaving behind those who hold to more conservative values.

This shift in Louisiana started in 2004 when many Democrats in the Legislature started to change their party designation. It was at that time Democrats lost their supermajority which they held in all but four years since 1879.

House Majority Leader Blake Miguez said of the shift, “Today marks a pivotal moment for the Louisiana Legislature, as it has reached a supermajority for the first time in modern history. Representative Thompson’s decision to change parties after 48 years sheds light on the evolving nature of political affiliations and highlights the importance of this milestone for the legislature.”

With this change, there are now 18 states nationwide with veto-proof majorities in their state legislatures.


  1. Will they stop/suspend/ban the bioweapon injections? Know them by their fruits?

  2. All this shows is that most RINOs are Dems who pretend to be Rs. Case in point, a Dem who switches parties should be immediately primaried by the establishments, but they won’t because they are all the same party and they are all corrupt communist

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