Ken Paxton Thanks Wendy Rogers After She Congratulates Him For Ending ‘The Bush Dynasty’

Trump-endorsed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton cruised to victory yesterday over primary challenger and Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush.

Paxton won the runoff with Bush after he was unable to secure over 50% of the vote in the initial March 1 primary election versus a crowded primary field.

Bush was only able to get 32 percent of the vote, while Paxton got 68 percent, winning by more than a 2-to-1 ratio.

Paxton told supporters at a victory celebration in Cedar Park that defeating Bush was an important step “in the fight to save our country.”

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers offered her congratulations to Paxton in a tweet last night.

“The Bush dynasty ended tonight in Texas. Well done @KenPaxtonTX,” Rogers said.

Fox News noted that Bush’s defeat means that the last member of the Bush political dynasty in elected office will soon be without a job.

The Texas Tribune pointed out that Bush’s loss marks what will soon be the end of an eight-year stint as a statewide elected official, after serving back-to-back terms as land commissioner.

It will be the end of a four-generation political dynasty and the end of an era of Texas politics that began when the first George Bush moved to Odessa in 1948, according to the Tribune.

Paxton replied tonight to Rogers’ tweet, “Thank you, Wendy.”

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