McCarthy Calls Out Pelosi, Demands She Drops Unfair Impeachment Inquiry Without More Transparency

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R) has requested that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) stop President Trump impeachment efforts until she can publicly answer a list of questions he provided in a formal letter to the Speaker. This can be seen below in his tweet informing the public of his move. He captioned the post of his letter:

“I’ve written to Speaker Pelosi to halt the impeachment inquiry until we can receive public answers to the following questions. Given the enormity of the question at hand—impeaching a duly elected president—the American public deserves fairness and transparency.”


The Democrats have moved forward with impeachment without many solid facts or numbers. Previously when Richard Nixon’s impeachment vote came to the floor, representatives from both parties voted to impeach the president.

This time however it looks like if a vote was brought to the floor it wouldn’t be a House majority with no Republicans backing the impeachment. There doesn’t seem to be enough evidence to push for bipartisan support of this impeachment.

It is unclear as to what exactly was constitutionally violated by the president. As Rep. Doug Collins (R) has said before the whistleblower report even started, they are “repackaging something they can’t sell”. It appears to be the same or a similar situation.

It does appear that there are forces out to get President Trump as he has stated time and time again. Referencing a quote by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D); “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” Perhaps this is coming to fruition somehow? It certainly is a scary proposition to consider.

McCarthy’s letter to Pelosi has crystal clear bullet points that Pelosi is asked to answer. It will be interesting to see if she complies or even humors this request for transparency that seems fair enough.


  • Do you intend to hold a vote of the full House authorizing your impeachment inquiry?
  • Do you intend to involve the full House in each critical step of this inquiry, including defining its scope and establishing its rules and procedures?
  • Do you intend to grand co-equal subpoena power to both the Chair and Ranking Member at the committee level?
  • Do you intend to require that all subpoenas be subject to a vote of the full committee at the request of either the Chair or Ranking Member?
  • Do you intend to provide the President’s counsel the right to present evidence?
  • Do you intend to provide the President’s counsel the right to object to the admittance of evidence?
  • Do you intend to provide the President’s counsel the right to cross-examine witnesses?
  • Do you intend to provide the President’s counsel the right to recommend a witness list?
  • Do you intend to refer all findings on impeachment to Chairman Nadler and the Judiciary Committee, as prescribed by Rule X of the Rules of the House, or is Chairman Schiff in charge of leading this inquiry, as has been reported in the press?

Recently Kevin McCarthy has also called on Rep. Adam Schiff (D) to be censured and removed from the House Intelligence Committee. This is because of Schiff’s pushing of the impeachment as well, but using phony rhetoric and a parody story at an official intelligence hearing. Now there is evidence Schiff had prior knowledge of the whistleblower before the report about the Trump-Ukraine phone call became public. He spoke to Laura Ingraham and said: “Democrats are trying to discredit Democracy“. He also mentioned Nancy Pelosi and said she’s not carrying the impeachment inquiry out in a “fair process” by going to Adam Schiff who has “continued to lie”.


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