Randy Quaid Slams Adam Schiff After Trump Says He Probably Helped Write Whistleblower Report

Hollywood actor Randy Quaid has been paying very close attention to the Trump-whistleblower scandal that had dominated media outlets and headlines as of late.

This is especially true as it relates to House Intelligence Chair and U.S. Rep Adam Schiff (D) ever since he read a ‘parody’ of a phone call with President Trump and the President of Ukraine at a hearing recently. Quaid tweeted out a very short clip of what Trump thinks of Adam Schiff from a recent presser, where Trump says Adam Schiff is involved in a scandal and that He may have even helped write the ‘whistleblower’ report.

Quaid tweeted:

“Schiff, Have You Heard Breaking News? It’s You! @RepAdamSchiff”


A spokesperson for Adam Schiff admitted that the whistleblower ‘reached out to Schiff before filing a complaint, showing that Adam Schiff had prior knowledge of the whistleblower before it ever came to light. This comes in the wake of House Minority leader and U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R), Rep. Andy Biggs (R), and Rep. Dan Meuser (R) are calling for Adam Schiff to be censured.

Fox News reported on Trump’s words to the press:

“It shows that Schiff is a fraud. … I think it’s a scandal that he knew before,” Trump said, as the president of Finland stood at an adjacent podium. “I’d go a step further. I’d say he probably helped write it. … That’s a big story. He knew long before, and he helped write it too. It’s a scam.”

Referring to Schiff  — who has long claimed to have surefire evidence that Trump illegally conspired with Russians — as “Shifty Schiff,” Trump characterized Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as a “fraudulent crime on the American people.”

Earlier in the day, Trump described the inquiry as “BULLS—,” and mocked Schiff as a partisan “lowlife.” Trump specifically derided Schiff for reciting an inaccurate, exaggerated version of a transcript of Trump’s fateful July call with Ukraine’s leader — a move that Schiff himself later acknowledged was a “parody.”

Trump tweeted an OAN News video captioned:

“Schiff, House Intel Chairman, Got Early Account of Whistle-Blower’s Accusations”


President Trump continues the recent serious of tweets hitting back at Schiff and the Democrats for calls to impeach, Schiff’s parody speech, and alleged knowledge of the whistleblower report beforehand. A few of them can be seen below.


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