Kid Rock Throws Down the Gauntlet: ‘If You’re Anti-Gun, You Don’t Get to Celebrate the 4th of July’

Kid Rock threw down the gauntlet with an Independence Day message as he announced, “If you’re anti-gun, you don’t get to celebrate the 4th of July.”

“You would have never fought back,” Kid Rock explained.

The rocker then told those who are anti-gun to instead “Enjoy Pride Month” and concluded by adding “P*ssy.”

The message was posted on TRUTH Social by Kid Rock three days ago and has now been shared on Twitter as well.

Twitter user “Patriot Spice Memes” shared a screenshot and said, “Kid Rock says it best… #MAGA #GOP #July4th #2A

Leftists were triggered by what Kid Rock had said as many lashed out in tweets.

“Kid rock can suck my star spangled d*ck. Dont fucking tell me how to celebrate 4th of july you fucking rich douche cosplaying as a southerner. Your sorry good for nothing a** grew up rich and wouldnt be caught dead associating with your fanbase. You aint worked hard in your life,” one leftist declared.

Another leftist claimed that “Kid Rock makes music for people who spend more on fireworks than dental care.”

“Kid Rock, born into a wealthy northern family, larping as a southern cracker is exactly the type of scam that maga morons fall for. Solid grift 8/10,” leftist “discount alanis morrisette” tweeted.

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