Leo Terrell Lobbies For Position to ‘Weed Out the RINOs’ in Potential Trump White House After 2024

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell recently lobbied for a position to “weed out the RINOs” in a potential Trump White House after 2024.

In a tweet, Terrell declared, “President Trump: When you become President in 2024, I would like the job to weed out RINOS!”

In a follow-up tweet, Terrell added, “Attention RINOS: Do not waste time applying for jobs in the next Trump’s Administration!”

One Twitter user responded to Terrell’s first tweet by suggesting, “And Leo Terrell for Supreme Court Justice when a vacancy occurs.”

Another replied to the first tweet, “leo terrell for VP or president sounds good 2 me..ya got honor sir..pence is the first rino globalist”

Terrell’s tweets also attracted a number of liberal trolls, who attempted to mock him for his hard-hitting stance.

One claimed that “Leo would make a great Republican VP. I think Trump should do it. A Trump/Leo ticket would almost guarantee a democratic victory in 2024. I would be completely behind such a ticket.”

Terrell appeared last night on Fox News’ “The Big Saturday Show” in support of second amendment rights, particularly in Democrat-run states.

“These rights are fundamental and Democratic states are trying to impede upon them. All these laws will be challenged in court and they’ll be knocked out,” Terrell said in regards to New York requiring social media check for buying guns.

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