Kristen Bell Faces Tremendous Backlash for Posing With L.A. Sheriff’s Deputies Despite her On the Record Support for BLM

Kristen Bell played the voice of Anna in Disney’s Frozen. She is known for many other voiceovers and actress roles. Bell is married to Dax Shepard.

They are both documented liberals and supporters of the group Black Lives Matter which is linked to some riots and political violence.

Most Democrats who support BLM however, downplay the rioting aspect and simply want to be woke. We assume it’s the latter for Shepard and Bell, although we can’t speak for them.

Nonetheless, they can’t deny the connection between BLM and destructive riots around the nation in 2020 and after the death of George Floyd.

Despite supporting this group, one of the woke litmus tests of being accepted by left wing radicals, one photo taken with Bell and what appears to be some L.A. Sheriff deputies is causing some of her fans to try to have her canceled.

Oh, how fast do the woke left turn on each other?

Time will tell if she actually gets canceled or if it’s just angry liberals fuming on the internet comments sections.

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