Lauren Boebert Calls the Inflation Expansion Act ‘One of the Most Dangerous Bills Ever Proposed in the US Congress’

U.S. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) today lashed out at the Inflation Expansion Act that was recently passed in the Senate.

In a tweet, Boebert declared, “Let me be extremely clear – I am 100% against this Inflation Expansion Act TRASH.”

“This bill is one of the most dangerous bills ever proposed in the US Congress,” Boebert insisted.

According to the New York Magazine’s Intelligencer, Senate Democrats passed the bill yesterday and delivered “a long-sought legislative win for both President Joe Biden and the party ahead of the fall midterms.”

No Senate Republicans voted for the bill, so Kamala Harris had to deliver the tie-breaking 51st vote, the 26th time she has done so during her tenure.

The House will now take up the massive climate, health care, and corporate tax legislation and it is also expected to pass there.

Biden will likely sign the legislation into law sometime over the next week after it passes the House, assuming it does so.

Although the bill is hailed as combating inflation, it is “a more limited iteration of what Democrats tried and failed to do with the ‘Build Back Better’ package over the winter.”

Additionally, it “contains the largest-ever federal investment targeting climate change — about $370 billion worth — after decades of failed efforts to mount a substantive federal response to global warming.”

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