Lauren Boebert Makes History With Epic Rant Leading to Effort to Censure Joe Biden for Stunning Border ‘Dereliction’

“The numbers don’t lie”, starts U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in a passionate press conference held recently. She continued, “Biden’s border crisis is a humanitarian crisis, and it all started when the Biden regime began rolling back President Trump’s firm and effective border policies.”

She went on further, backing her claims with some data, “the results of Biden’s mismanagement is staggering. From 1,400 children in HHS custody under President Trump to 22,000 unaccompanied minors in Joe Biden’s custody.” She went on, “under President Trump, only three known murderers tried to cross our southern border last year. Under Joe Biden, we’ve already seen at least 40 known murderers try to enter our country.”

“In President Trump’s last month of office, border patrol released just 18 illegal immigrants with notices to appear, but last month alone, Biden released over 26,000 illegal immigrants into our communities, across the country, giving them free bus rides and plane tickets.”

“In the McAllen airport, I personally saw multiple groups of illegal aliens with manila envelopes with instructions on how to get to their final destination on an airplane. Do these illegal aliens have ID? No. I need an ID to board a commercial flight, but American Airlines wasn’t requiring them that day”.

She went further, “Biden released these 26,000 illegal aliens into our communities with our tax dollars. The NTAs grant illegal immigrants who cross our border illegally, legal standing to remain in our country and begin receiving taxpayer-funded benefits.”

She went on to describe how crime is increasing, “sex offender apprehensions have doubled and drug smuggling arrests have tripled. Enough fentanyl to kill every American four times over has been intercepted by border patrol in just the first four months of the Biden regime. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and this entire regime are endangering the American people. I can’t think of a more inhumane policy approach to our Southern border, than to incentivize children, to be used as pawns by the cartel.”

It didn’t end there, “that’s exactly what’s happening,” she said, “and Biden’s policies are assisting and enriching the cartel. One-third of the girls sent on this dangerous journey are sexually assaulted. I saw these girls when I was down at our southern border. I saw the women. I saw the infants swaddled in mylar blankets. One in three women have been sexually assaulted. The continued assault that is happening today is horrific.”

“And instead of calling this what it is, a full-blown humanitarian crisis, and working to end these atrocities, President Biden passed to buck to Kamala. When he tapped Ms. Harris as border czar, her work on the border is non-existent. It’s a joke, and even she laughs.”

“But it’s not funny, this administration has not lifted a finger to end this crisis and secure our southern border. They must be held accountable, and that’s why today I am proud to lead my colleagues in filing a bill to censure Joe Biden. For his dereliction of duty in failing to secure the southern homeland. He has refused to enforce the laws that Congress has passed to secure our border. He has refused to visit the border. His border czar Kamala has failed to visit the border. His secretary of homeland security is lying to the American people by saying our border is closed.”

Boebert puts out even more data to support her move, “Meanwhile, this administration is dumping fuel on this fire by flying illegal immigrants from Central America at taxpayer expenses, and allowing tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to enter and remain in our communities. Girls are being assaulted. Children are being abandoned at the border. Families are self separating because of Joe Biden’s policies. Children six years of age and under may cross with an adult, but seven years and older are sent back. So parents are choosing to self separate from their children, putting them in the hands of the cartel.”

It didn’t end there, “And then this administration reunites them in another area of the country on the other side of the border. Our law enforcement has been overrun. In speaking with one border patrol agent, we had a plan, but as the famous saying goes, everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face, and the Biden regime has punched our border patrol agents in the face.”


Time will tell what responses come of this and what traction the censure efforts get. This also comes a day after Biden made comments against American gun owners saying “they would need nuclear bombs and f-15s” and implied that guns are only for hunting.