Lauren Boebert Wonders if She Woke Up in North Korea After Karine Jean-Pierre Calls Herself a ‘Historic Figure’

U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) today addressed a quote made by the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in a recent interview with “TheGrio.”

In the interview, Jean-Pierre described herself as a “historic figure,” leading Boebert to wonder if she woke up in North Korea.

Boebert explained in the tweet, “Karine Jean-Pierre is walking around calling herself a historical figure now.”

“Did I suddenly wake up in North Korea? Our ‘leaders’ are supposed to have some humility,” Boebert pointed out.

Jean-Pierre said during the interview, “Many things have made me incredibly proud to be at that podium during this historic moment.”

“Again, this is a historic administration, I’m a historic figure, and I certainly walk in history every day,” Jean-Pierre insisted.

Jean-Pierre appears to have been instructed to tout the accomplishments of the Biden Administration as poll numbers have begun to sag recently again.

In an audio clip shared today by Breaking911 in a tweet, Jean-Pierre can again be heard promoting the administration.

“If you look at what the President has done the last 2 years, it is more than any other President has done ever, right?” Jean-Pierre suggested.


  1. If she could only be as concerned about her family as she is politics after threwing her husband under the bus for Father’s Day with divorce papers. Nice gal, won’t you say?

    1. You’re a jerk. Unless you lived inside their marriage, you don’t know the circumstances.

  2. KJP is historic alright. It’s the first-ever anencephalic quota hire.

  3. History will remember her all right! …as the most inept SPOX of the most corrupt and traitorous regime in American history,

  4. “this is a historic administration, I’m a historic figure, and I certainly walk in history every day”

    I think she meant “histrionic” not “historic”.

  5. KJP is the perfect face of the Xiden regime. She (AHEM) checks ALL of the boxes, except for that one marked “competent.”

  6. KJP is historic as the WH Press Secretary with the lowest IQ ever.

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