Lawrence Jones to be Temporary Tucker Carlson Replacement After Fox News’ Massive Mistake in Cutting Ties with their Golden Goose

Fox News has made a massive mistake in cutting ties with Tucker Carlson, and they are now scrambling to find a replacement. The network has reportedly tapped Lawrence Jones to fill in for Carlson on his primetime show, but it is unclear how long Jones will be able to hold down the fort.

Carlson is one of the most popular and influential figures in cable news, and his show had been consistently one of the highest-rated programs on Fox News. The network’s decision to fire him was met with widespread criticism, and it is clear that they are now facing a backlash from their viewers.

Jones is a rising star at Fox News, and he has been praised for his sharp commentary and his ability to connect with viewers. However, he is still relatively new to the network, signing on in 2018, and it is unclear if he is ready to take on the challenge of hosting a primetime show.

Fox News is hoping that Jones can hold down the fort until they find a permanent replacement for Carlson. However, it is possible that Carlson’s departure could lead to a long-term decline in the network’s ratings.

Jones has anchored “Lawrence Jones Cross Country” on Fox News on Saturday nights. He also works as a national correspondent for “Fox & Friends” during the week.

It may be hard for Jones to fill Carlson’s shoes as Fox News has lost many of its viewers after the abrupt announcement of Carlson’s departure. The way in which Carlson was sent off has left a bad taste in the minds of many.

Speculation has only grown as to why Carlson was ousted, but Fox News is attempting to fill the void.

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  1. faux is trying to right the sinking ship by having a “black” man attempt to take the slot. Trouble is he isn’t a gender dysphoric cross dressing tranny so it won’t work.

    Nothing against Lawrence, I like him.

  2. Fox is headed down that same rabbit hole Bud Light went down. They will have the same fate. GO WOKE, GO BROKE. The American people loved hearing and seeing the truth about every aspect of our government. Too bad the higher ups are married to uptight liberal lunatics and were told to have Tucker fired. Shame on you! We are NOT, let me repeat, WE ARE NOT stupid. And we will go to Newsmax and OAN for the real news.

  3. LAWRENCE JONES is fine but no one will match Tucker. I can see Jones taking the job and not bucking the narrative. I hope he is not used and tossed to the side. In reality liking Tucker over Lawrence is in no way racist, but I can see Fox inferring that at this point. Think Cavuto, Ryan, and BlackRock and the motives speak for themselves.

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