Leftist Comedian Chelsea Handler Discards Constitution, Believes No Trial Needed to Find Derek Chauvin Guilty or Any Time There is ‘Audio and Video Footage of the Murder’

The sixth amendment to the United States Constitution grants criminal defendants the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury consisting of jurors from the state and district in which the crime was alleged to have been committed. 

Leftist comedian Chelsea Handler apparently doesn’t believe that part of the Constitution should apply, specifically to former police officer Derek Chauvin’s case that is currently being tried in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he stands accused of murder and manslaughter charges in the death of George Floyd.

Handler said in a tweet earlier today that she believes it is “So pathetic that there is a trial to prove that Derek Chauvin killed George Floyd when there is video of him doing so.”

One twitter user, Julie Anderson, responded, “I’m sure it’s been said, but we need the trial or our justice system would be even more chaotic than it already is. The scary thing will be if he is exonerated, even after the trial with the evidence presented.”

Handler was not convinced and replied to Anderson in a quote tweet and said, “Perhaps we skip trials when there is audio and video footage of the murder.”

Newsweek reported on several responses to Handler’s pair of tweets:

The former talk show host’s comments quickly sparked a flurry of responses from Twitter users warning of the dangers of attempting to unleash criminal justice without due process.

“Do you really think the system is so broken that due process is just some quaint fantasy?” tech writer Matt Peckham tweeted. “We reap what we sow.”

“Chelsea, this aint the way babe,” Jennifer Grady tweeted. “Trials give the innocent a chance to be heard too. Many people of color, specifically Black People are wrongly convicted in America. Audio and Video without context can change outcomes. Let’s hold a JUST American Justice System as the goal.”

“How stupid of them to give due process that’s in the constitution,” tweeted Josh Barnett, a 2022 GOP candidate for Congress in Arizona. “Smh. Bunch of damn communists. Yes, I think he’s guilty but we have due process and the rule of law in this country!”

“Sure, let’s make that a reality in a world where the rich and powerful can digitally manipulate footage & the poor and disaffected will bear the brunt of the unfairness,” tweeted author Vincent Morrone. “Because that won’t end with thousands of innocent men and women, mostly POC in prison. Great idea.”

Not everybody is convinced of Chauvin’s guilt however, as Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks tweeted yesterday, “Free Chauvin.”

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