Biden’s Dogs Strike Again, With One of Them Pooping on the Floor in White House

Yesterday we reported about the ongoing saga that is the Biden dogs. Apparently these dogs, that liberals loved to brag about President Biden having due to former President Trump not having a dog in the White House, are a total disaster.

So anyway, one of Joe Biden’s dogs, Major, bit a National Park Service employee yesterday, causing him to need medical attention. Today, it appears as though one of his two dogs, nobody knows which, took a big hot steamy poop inside the White House.

Kathryn Watson tried to make light of it but also reported what happened in a tweet, saying in part:

“One of Biden’s dogs pooped on the floor, per pool “Champ and Major were spotted in the hallway outside the Palm Room doors in front of the Diplomatic Room. There was dog poo on the floor. It’s unclear which dog was responsible for it””

The incident took place outside the Palm Room doors in front of the Diplomatic Room. It’s hard to say if these dogs will continue to stay at the White House with all the trouble they are causing. Yesterday we reported in part:

“Yes, Major nipped someone on a walk. Out of an abundance of caution, the individual was seen by WHMU and then returned to work without injury.” said LaRosa.

In addition to the biting incidents, there have been Democrat sycophants who made Twitter accounts for the dogs. At one point it was reported that the “Oval Pawffice” was deleted on Twitter. This was an account that washed up has been late-night talk show hosts used to fill in the vacuum of time left that they used to use to bash former President Trump. The account may have been restored by Twitter at some point.

The Biden dogs also have a history of being used for scandal, as they once posed for a photoshoot ripping up Donald Trump dolls.

We will do our best to bring any needed updates to this scoop (not a poop scoop) as needed.

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