Leo Terrell Rebuts Biden’s Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice on Gun Violence, ‘Get Rid of Soft on Crime Prosecutors’

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell rebutted Joe Biden’s Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice after she said in an interview, “The most important thing that could happen to stem gun violence…would be for Congress…to pass…legislation to…ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Terrell tweeted in response, “Wrong! Get rid of soft on crime Prosecutors!”

Rice was making the rounds doing interviews to discuss Biden’s executive order to move the United States closer to a universal background check for gun purchases.

Biden’s executive order aims to strengthen background checks. President of Brady United, a group calling for gun control tweeted, “BIG NEWS: While we still need urgent legislative action from Congress, @POTUS‘s announcement today gets us closer to universal background checks than any other President that has come before. These many measures announced today will save countless lives.”

While the left is focusing on gun laws and gun manufacturers as their target to combat violence, it seems they are missing the mark when it comes to enforcing laws on the books. As Terrell pointed out, many prosecutors across the country are choosing not to prosecute, or to go for lesser charges.

This is very clear in cities like Los Angeles and Philadephia where prosecutors have chosen what some call a ‘social justice’ path.

The Heritage Foundation put out a report which shows that blue cities and counties have a “murder problem”.

The report summary reads: Beginning in 2015 with the election of Kim Foxx, first of the George Soros–promoted rogue prosecutors, as Cook County (Chicago) State’s Attorney, cities with rogue prosecutors have imposed policies that all—each and every one of them—inure to the benefit of criminals. Such policies have contributed to the lawlessness across so-called blue cities and the steep rise in crime rates across America. To suggest now that Republican elected officials who have followed different policies have contributed to crime increases is at best laughable.

The left it seems is trying to use the rise in crime along with mass shooting events as a reason to expand gun laws as well as try to repeal the immunity gun makers have from prosecution.

Biden is currently acting unilaterally by issuing an executive order, as there isn’t enough support in Congress for changes to gun laws.

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  1. more useless laws. For one thing, everything including a sharp stick will be deemed an assault weapon, i.e. total confiscation.

    Secondly, crazy people easily pass background checks. Then one day they shoot a bunch of people.

    Thirdly, criminals do NOT buy guns at a store where they have to fill out forms and get a background check. Duh.

    Fourth, the background check application is supposed to be erased soon after the result is sent to the dealer. Guess what, the feds have been caught several times trying to keep it all in a hidden database so they know who has guns when the confiscation starts.

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