Liberal Bill Maher Roasts Democrat Presidential Candidates, Promotes ‘Fat Shaming’

Leftist Bill Maher is known for not toeing the line. He certainly is no Republican, nor is he a huge fan of President Trump’s. But he likes to roast many on his own side just the same, oftentimes facing backlash and rebuke from his peers. A video clip posted on his Twitter from a recent show highlights this very well. In it, he talks about what he thinks the candidates need to do, and what he thinks they’re doing wrong, among other things. The language in the video is not exactly kid-friendly or safe for work, so viewer discretion is highly advised.

Some highlights of the roast include Maher starting out the segment with: “one of the candidates has to say, the problem with our healthcare system is, Americans eat shit, and too much of it” He points out the irony of the candidates going out on the campaign and participating in the historical tradition of chowing down on gluttonous food for photo ops to try to be relatable. Paraphrased, Maher highlights that candidates go out and “try to prove they’re just as big a gluttonous slob as the rest of us, sometimes while discussing pre-existing conditions!”

After a few more comments he then gets back on the case of his own ilk, chiding them for their political correctness, by saying, “hey liberals, you know how you hate it when conservatives won’t even let the CDC study gun violence as a public health issue? This is that. You’re the NRA of Mayonaise.”

Towards the end of the segment, he mentions the controversial practice of fat-shaming and shockingly says it’s something that we need to bring back.


Bill Maher also took the time to grill Presidential candidate (R) Joe Walsh. He recognized that Walsh seems to have some things in common with the left’s hatred for President Trump, saying “you don’t like that he lies. You don’t like that he’s a traitor. Little things…” but then he quickly flipped on Walsh calling him out big time saying “But let’s just go down the list and see how much in line you are”. Maher called him out for being “a leader of the anti-Obama nutcase caucus” referencing an old tweet of Walsh’s calling Obama a Muslim without being able to substantiate his claims.

From The Hill:

Maher listed several policy actions Trump has taken — including appointing conservative Supreme Court justices, speeding up gas pipeline projects and planning to expand oil drilling in Alaska — most of which Walsh support.

Walsh conceded that he “helped lead to Trump,” along with a “weak, feckless Republican Party” and “people like me who let our rhetoric get ahead of us.”


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