Liberal Tampa Mayor Jane Castor: Identify Maskless Super Bowl Fans so Law Enforcement Can ‘Handle’ the ‘Bad Actors’

Tampa, Florida Mayor and Democrat Jane Castor gave a weak apology shortly after NFL quarterback Tom Brady was kicked out of a Tampa park for breaking city Covid-19 rules when he initially moved to the area. That sparked rumors that Castor was not fan of Brady, who has previously signaled support for former President Donald Trump.

Last night, liberals seethed online after Tom Brady made his grand entrance to the Super Bowl without a mask. This, on top of other left-wing journalists constantly squawking about how Tom Brady is somehow a symbol for White Supremacists only adds to the hilarity and bias that seems to enshrine every traditional American event.

Last night Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl, although many Conservatives still boycotted watching or attending. It’s likely that even some of the boycotters were still happy to hear that ‘MAGA hat’ Tom Brady did in fact win.

It’s hard to say if any of this is related, but following a similar cry about too many people being together in one place during and after last night’s Super Bowl, outrage over mask and Covid-19 restriction hypocrisy broke out.

Even some ‘Conservatives’ tried to hold liberals accountable for hypocrisy by not being more outraged over the number of people gathered last night, but history has shown that Conservatives trying to hold liberals accountable via hypocrisy accusations almost always backfires.

In this case, it appears that the “what-about-ism” from the weaklings on the right may have backfired again as radical left-wing Mayor Jane Castor is now doing the unthinkable and issuing an order to hold any non-mask wearer accountable. This is insane to us considering that it would be incredibly naive to think that allowing a Super Bowl to take place, to begin with, would yield any other result than a large gathering of people, some of whom were maskless.

We support taking Covid-19 seriously here at Media Right News but to us this seems like yet another political stunt during a time when people are seething over Tom Brady’s win, just adding fuel to the fire of political divisions despite a constant screeching sound of calls for so-called unity from leftists. It’s unclear what holding these people accountable actually means.

Will they lose their jobs? Will they be visited at their homes by the FBI? Will they get tickets in the mail or lose their ability to fly on a plane? Nobody knows, and that is probably the intended purpose of Castor’s vaguely threatening press conference that can be seen below. Breaking 911 captioned their clip:

“BREAKING: At a press conference Monday, Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said that maskless fans at the Super Bowl will be “identified” by law enforcement and that police will “handle” the situation”

We will try to bring you updates on this situation as we are able to and as we find out what if any penalties fans and others may face for being maskless at last night’s Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida.