Liberals Descend on Kyrsten Sinema’s MLK Day Tweet, Accuse Her of Not Properly Honoring Him

Liberals today descended on a tweet that U.S. Sen Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) made today recognizing Martin Luther King Day, accusing her of not properly honoring him due to her refusal to support bending the rules on the filibuster.

Sinema tweeted earlier, “Today we remember the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay”

The tweet has been badly ratioed, with nearly 30k Twitter users commenting on it, while only about 2k users like the tweet.

Brian Tyler Cohen responded to Sinema with a quote from King that he had made in 1963 when only a small minority of black people were able to vote in the south.

According to the History Channel, in Mississippi alone, voter turnout among black people increased from 6 percent in 1964 to 59 percent in 1969, 4 years after the Voting Rights Act was passed.

It therefore should be clear that the current situation is nowhere close to the challenges that black people faced at the time, but that isn’t stopping these progressives.

“The tragedy is that we have a Congress with a Senate that has a minority of misguided senators who will use the filibuster to keep the majority of people from even voting,” Cohen quoted King.

Twitter verified resister Jamie Carter told Sinema, “Don’t mention MLK while blocking legislation that ensures everyone’s freedom to vote. #VotingRightsAct #MLKDay

Another Twitter verified resister Scott Dworkin urged Sinema, “Then prove it by passing voting rights. Period.”

On Thursday, we reported that Sinema sent liberals into a rage after dealing a fatal blow to Joe Biden’s efforts to bypass the filibuster.

In a speech on the Senate floor, Sinema reminded Democrats about the last time they bypassed the filibuster to get judicial nominees passed.

Republicans ultimately ended up doing the same to get Supreme Court nominees through when they got the power back in the Senate.

Additionally, Sinema said removing the filibuster would not guarantee “that we prevent demagogues from being elected” and that getting rid of it would merely be treating the “symptom” of partisanship and not the underlying problem.