Lin Wood and Sidney Powell Dare Smartmatic to Sue Them After Legal Threats

Smartmatic USA Corp. is demanding retractions from Attorney Sidney Powell after claims have been made against them and Dominion voting machines regarding the 2020 presidential election. Lin Wood, who along with Sidney Powell has been working to prove alleged voter fraud and improprieties is defending Powell.

Wood has previously helped defend Nicholas Sandmann and Kyle Rittenhouse as well, helping his name become more of a household item for Trump supporters and Republicans who support law and order. Wood tweeted a letter to Smartmatic captioned:

“Knowing my background & experience in defamation law, Sidney @SidneyPowell1 asked me to represent her & respond to SmartMatic litigation threat. Since everything Sidney is saying about election fraud is documented TRUTH, my response to SmartMatic was simple & to the point.” See tweet:

According to Twitchy, Lin Wood also said:

I represent Sidney Powell. I have carefully reviewed your letter of December 15, 2020. I am not impressed. Ms. Powell retracts nothing.

File your lawsuit.

It seems as though Wood and Powell are playing a proverbial game of chicken. The implication here being that they are open to legal scrutiny as they believe it will help them in their bid to expose voter fraud.

Meanwhile Smartmatic appears to be trying to defend their reputation, while news organizations like OAN News are being accused of allegedly spreading false information as well.

The question is, how far will Smartmatic go? Ultimately it is a race for time, as many say that January 6th is President Trump’s last chance at a Hail-Mary attempt of undoing the results of the reported election showing Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential race.

It’s unclear how much litigation would continue from either side after that date it inauguration day for that matter. We will continue to monitor for updates and bring them to you as we are able to.