Lincoln Project Disavows and Laments Co-Founder John Weaver After Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Claims They Were Never Physically Around Him

In a statement posted on Twitter today, anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project disavowed one of their co-founders, John Weaver, ahead of breaking news that 21 men accused him of sending unwanted, sexually explicit messages.

The statement by the group, who have recently begun targeting other Republicans now that Trump is out of the White House said that they extend their “deepest sympathies to those targeted by his deplorable and predatory behavior.”

“We are disgusted and outraged that someone in a position of power and trust would use it for these means,” the group insisted in the statement and it said that Weaver was “a predator, a liar, and an abuser.”

Trump supporter and verified user Kambree responded to the statement on Twitter and said, “Y’all are some sick people.”

Ryan James Girdusky has also hit back at the group, alleging that they knew about the improprieties and said in a tweet, “This statement by the @ProjectLincoln is an absolute lie. Members did know. Young men approached them about the accusations. Members knew I was writing the story and warned John Weaver.”

Girdusky continued, “One young man claimed he reached out to @madrid_mike and @keithedwards about Weaver and they never responded to his accusations. He said he also spoke to @SarahMLenti and admitted to knowing and brushed it off.”

“According to several mutual friends, @MollyJongFast heard I had this story back in the early summer. And that it was circulating several outlets,” Girdusky added, calling out the Daily Beast and their “editor-at-large.”

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Girdusky and said “Per @RyanGirdusky, who originally broke the story about John Weaver grooming young boys, @MollyJongFast, who co-hosts a Podcast with Lincoln Project co-founder @RickWilsonUSA for @thedailybeast, got wind of his story and tipped off the Lincoln Project to protect their pedo buddy.”