Liz Wheeler Retweets NYP Scoop Claiming She May Get New Gig on ‘The View’, Suggesting She Supports the Idea

We previously reported that Liz Wheeler is in talks to possibly become part of the left-leaning show “The View”. We would think that if she does, she will stay true to her values and beliefs. In our earlier story, we reported that she may have to get vaccinated which could block her from getting on if she does not comply.

It’s hard to say for sure how that will go. Some may have speculated that an issue like that may be a dealbreaker for Wheeler, but she recently retweeted a New York Post report: “Liz Wheeler is Meghan McCain’s top pick to replace her at “The View”.”

We assume this means Wheeler wants the position and will do what is needed to get it, in our speculation anyway. Only time will tell for sure how it pans out in the end. Even though we disagree with almost all that is said on “The View”, it’s interesting to follow what they do anyway, since they like to have their version of what Juan Williams used to be to Fox News’ “The Five” to mix things up politically.

What we mean is that Juan Williams was a Democrat on “The Five” and most other hosts on that show were not. See the tweet:

As we reported previously:

If Wheeler does get the gig, it will be interesting. She is more further right than Meghan McCain, and with tweets like these, we wonder if the other hosts will be nice to her or hostile.

“SCOTUS strikes down Biden’s OSHA vaccine mandate that would force employers with 100+ employees to mandate vaxx. Let’s goooo, Brandon!!!!!”

Liz Wheeler left OAN News in September of 2020 and started her own podcast. Many speculated as to why that was, as her show was one of the most popular ones on that network. Now, OAN News is facing more trouble as DirecTV is reportedly dropping them as a channel. DirecTV makes up a large chunk of OAN News’ audience traffic.

It will be interesting to see if OAN News is able to get traffic other ways to make up for that or if there is enough backlash to reverse the DirecTV decision. We recently reported on that as well:

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