Lori Lightfoot Silent on Fox News Analyst’s Brother’s Murder, Doubles Down on Foul Language Against Clarence Thomas, Re-Laments Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Loss

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is seen by many on the right as quite tone-deaf when it comes to tragic events and politics in general. This comes to things that may or may not relate directly to her job as mayor. Although she is the mayor of the crime-ridden city of Chicago, Lightfoot has a national audience and often takes Republicans to task with her grievances in shocking ways.

When it comes to the wide world of politics of course, shocking is in the eye of the beholder. But that being said, Lightfoot says things that would make Nancy Pelosi blush and in our view, and it’s incredible what culture puts up with in regards to the double standards there are for the left and the right.

Earlier we reported on the tragic occurrence of the Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell’s brother getting killed in Chicago.

As far as Lightfoot’s Twitter feed goes, she has had nothing to say, despite the major news of this tragedy. Meanwhile however, she is bloviating about how she’s ok with what she said against Clarence Thomas and misses the dream of a possible Hillary Clinton presidency that is now long gone.

“I said what I said.”

“If my language bothers you more than the destruction of our civil rights, then we don’t need to know anything else about you.”

She went on:

“It’s outrageous what our Supreme Court is doing to American women. This selfish decision is simply unjust. We must continue to fight for fair reproductive healthcare for all. But until then, as long as I am Mayor, anyone in need of an abortion is welcome to Chicago.”

“I’ve been saying this a lot this week, and I mean it. If @HillaryClinton would’ve won, we wouldn’t be here today. Elections matter.”

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton bashed esteemed African American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently, saying he has had grievances for a long time, among other things.


It’s unclear if Lightfoot will be able to continue her dangerous calls for left-wing radicalism unabetted or if any moderate Democrats will step up and say she is giving them a bad name. We know weak Republicans are unlikely to do much about it.

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