Man Fired for ‘We Shoot Racists’ Shirt Complains that Company Wasn’t ‘Antiracist’ Enough

The push for leftist radicals to engage moderates and youths to join their movement has been led by social pressure, on and off social media. One of the latest trends is for protesters and ‘social justice warriors’ to say that you’re racist or sympathetic to racism if you aren’t actively ‘anti-racist’.

This has emboldened many in today’s culture to do things that you may not normally be used to seeing. Matt Walsh, who works for the Daily Wire, has seemingly moved further to the right since the riots and looting following George Floyd’s police-involved death has created a cultural wave that has taken America by storm.

Protesters across the country, to this day, continue to demand defunding of police and push the idea of white privilege onto innocent bystanders. Many patriotic Americans of all races don’t even want to be a part of this radical wave, but there is a push that is supported by corporate America and Hollywood to keep it alive in the news and on the streets.

One young person claims to have been fired by his job via a Twitter post, for wearing a t-shirt that says “we shoot racists”. First off, regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, you can’t shoot people for using their free speech, regardless of if you don’t like it.

We don’t condone racial or any other discrimination here at Media Right News but another issue is, who gets to define racism? This is a slippery slope, as some people consider anyone to the right of Mitt Romney racist. Society can’t let threatening things like this happen, and if the Twitter users account is true, he was rightfully fired.

Perhaps one could even take his shirt as a threat, especially how easy it is to mislabel someone racist, and despite the fact that even if someone was ‘racist’, it doesn’t make it legal to shoot them. This takes things even further beyond the unacceptable behavior of cancel culture, which is another thing that has ravaged our society today, unfortunately. Matt Walsh said of the tweet: “omg you got fired for wearing a violent threat on your shirt at work. This must be oppression. No other explanation is possible.” See below:

The man who’s Twitter handle is @vetementsjeans is now looking for a company that is antiracist enough to handle him and his crazy t-shirts. He tweeted under the original post: “if someone in Austin trynna hire me dm i have over a year of retail management experience”, see tweet:

Even for the most ‘antiracist’ of companies, one would have to be concerned about someone who claims to shoot racists. I mean, you couldn’t exactly gloss over an incident if it were to actually happen, where this person actually ‘shot a racist’ on the store’s time, or even as an employee. Politically and culturally it’s not a good thing to promote racial hatred or division against any race, but murder still takes the cake when it comes to the law. “I don’t want to work for a company that isn’t anti-racist” the man tweeted shortly before the tweet about being fired. See tweet:

One last thing, this individual is still promoting the t-shirt that got him fired. He is advertising the company he allegedly purchased it from and saying that while they no longer sell the shirt, people should pressure them to bring it back so that they too, can promote ‘shooting racists’. See tweet:

The company he gave a shout out too appears to be anti-police, and is calling for a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protester who was arrested for leaking police documents to be released on their feed, saying:

“Free bro with the Half Evil neck tattoo” See tweet:

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