Despite Rumors, Taco Bell Denies Recent Employment of Man Who Allegedly Celebrated 5-year-Old Victim’s Death

A person running a Facebook account by the name of ‘Terrell Kent’ who we reported on earlier today no longer holds a job with Taco Bell and may have not for quite a while. According to Nationalist ReviewThe local Taco Bell franchise has responded to this story and says that the employee in question no longer works for their franchise and hasn’t in some time despite not updating his employment listing online

This was the employment he had listed on his Facebook profile before the profile was taken down. So it is still unclear if Kent has any form of employment. Some had called for him to be fired from the listed employment of ‘Taco Bell’, but from the response of the local franchise he wasn’t employed for ‘some time’

As much of the mainstream media seems to be avoiding the story about a five year old white child, Cannon Hinnant, who was shot in the head and killed by Darius Sessoms a black man and who was a neighbor of the Hinnants. It appears some sick and twisted people have celebrated this incident on social media, one in particular was a Facebook account with the name of ‘Terrell Kent’. He posted a response to the killing on Facebook.

Kent then tried to blame his brother for the comment as we reported earlier. “For all y’all inboxing me and tagging me in shit that was not me who commented on that post or anything else I don’t even have a phone to post or even be on fb I work everyday and even when I did have a phone I never commented on anything like that and for all y’all who do know me know damn well I ain’t like that I got hella white friends y’all can clearly read the comments that tell you it won’t me and it was my brother on my page so y’all can stop “threating” me and tbh I ain’t losing no sleep over this shit y’all just stressing my girl out with all this shit so y’all can fuck off now”. It seems he has since deactivated his Facebook account.

Many may find it offensive the reaction from members of the black community. The Nationalist Review has put out a story on the reaction of members of the Sessoms family to the incident and they are all over the place.

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