Marjorie Taylor Greene Encourages Continued Netflix ‘Cuties’ Boycott: ‘Don’t Give Them Your Money!’

We reported last month about a surge in Netflix cancellations after the controversy surrounding the movie “Cuties.” Variety magazine attempted to downplay those reports in the days afterwards, with a graph that showed the cancellations were “short-lived.”

Republican Congressional nominee Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) shared a recent New York Post report that said Netflix was impacted by their decision not to remove the film.

The report said that for the three months that ended Sept. 30, Netflix added 2.2 million global subscribers — down from the first two quarters of 16 million and 10 million, respectively.

The Daily Mail reported that of those, just 180,000 signed up for the service in the United States and that on Wednesday, Netflix sent a letter to its investors saying that it fell short of its subscriber goal last quarter.

New York data analytics firm Antenna reported that Netflix lost five times as many subscribers in September’s first couple of weeks — a few days into the protest — than the company lost in all of August.

Of the reports, Greene exclaimed, “GOOD!” She continued, “The left claims to ‘care about the children,’ yet they’re shoving this sexual exploitation in the faces of people not just in America, but around the world.”

She emphasized, “Don’t give them your money! #BoycottNetflix

Earlier this month, Netflix was indicted by a Texas grand jury for allegedly promoting “lewd visual material” of a child in connection to the release of the “Cuties” movie.

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