Marjorie Taylor Greene Set to File Articles of Impeachment Today on the ‘Pathetic Puppet’ Joe Biden

We reported on August 17th that U.S. House Rep Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) is filing impeachment articles against President Joe Biden. This is the second time she has filed impeachment paperwork against Biden.

Greene also did this when Biden was first inaugurated. You can read more about when that happened here. It was reported last night that today would be the day Greene would be filing the new impeachment articles.

This comes at a time when even the left-leaning mainstream news channels are turning on Biden to some degree. He failed to protect the United States at the southern border. He failed when he pulled troops out of Afghanistan. That is our opinion. But we believe we are correct.

Green blasted Biden and ABC for allegedly making Biden look better with edits. This is according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Greene said:

“Biden is a propped up puppet and they can’t hide it anymore. It’s embarrassing. Tomorrow I introduce Articles of Impeachment on the pathetic puppet.”

Time will tell if there is enough momentum to get a real impeachment movement going. We know many Democrats are unhappy with Biden. But they may not know what their options would be if he left, or if they would be any better for either party.

At this point, it seems that anything can happen. The nation seems to be extremely lacking in strong leadership at the moment. Stay tuned for potential updates on this developing story.

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