Mark Finchem Endorses Andy Biggs For House Speaker, Slams Kevin McCarthy Over Primary Spending

In a tweet last night, Arizona GOP State Rep Mark Finchem endorsed U.S. House Rep Andy Biggs to be the next Speaker.

Finchem also slammed current House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for his primary spending and urged all of the Arizona House Reps to rally around Biggs in support.

“I endorse @andybiggs4az for Speaker of the House & I call on the Arizona delegation to vote against McCarthy for his lack of leadership & integrity at this point in history,” Finchem explained.

Finchem pointed out that McCarthy “spent millions in primaries that could have helped us in the general. He also took laundered FTX money.”

Finchem has filed a lawsuit against Adrian Fontes, Rep. Ruben Gallego, and Katie Hobbs over the results of the 2022 election where he ran for Secretary of State. 

In the lawsuit, Finchem, along with Congressional nominee Jeff Zink argued that voters were offered “weak and unsatisfying” alternatives to the machines in Maricopa County that had issues.

They also believe that Hobbs should have recused herself from overseeing the election since she was running for governor.

“Recusal would cause her to lose control of the election she hoped to directly benefit from – a staggering appearance of impropriety and display of unethical behavior,” they insisted.

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