Masked Protesters Harass Black LAPD Officer, Get Within Inches of His Face, Social Distancing Apparently Doesn’t Apply

Despite strict Covid-19 rules around the nation, and the CDC issuing guidance that Halloween masks are not Covid-19 safe, apparently, this officer was not able to enforce these social distancing violations against two rude and aggressive protesters, likely affiliated with Black Lives Matter and/or Antifa.

This is a shame considering a Mom was arrested for playing on a playground with her kids, and men were arrested for praying outside recently in another state under the same national guidelines. The double standard here appears so thick you could cut it with a knife. Especially considering that the officer here was an actual ‘Black Life’ who apparently didn’t matter to “Black Lives Matter”, not that it wouldn’t have been any better had the officer been any other ethnicity.

In the video below, reportedly from Los Angeles last night, and likely tied to the Louisville, KY protests, you can see the two men flipping off the officer, who keeps his calm, and perpetually yelling profanities just a few inches from his face in a shocking scene that you have to see to believe. Watch video from Tomas Morales below:

The same Twitter user posted other clips highlighting the melee from last night in Los Angeles, as so many other cities were turned upside so to speak, after the grand jury announcement about the Breonna Taylor case. The video below shows just some of the graffiti that protesters left behind last night as they trashed their own town (some may be from other areas).

Unfortunately, these protests don’t seem to be going away anytime soon, but we hope people on both sides if the political aisle start wising up and pushing for measures to curb them as the nation is spiraling out of control with racial division and violence all around.