Maxine Waters Loses it, Incites More Rioting in Brooklyn Center, Demands a Guilty Verdict for Derek Chauvin

Last night, in Joe Biden’s America, riots continues in various parts of the nation. It’s hard to tell if they were for the expectation of the Derek Chauvin verdict, for Daunte Wright, George Floyd, or all of the above.

Possibly people just want to riot because the media is incredibly one sided and there is too much division and only one political side seems to have power these days, it’s hard to tell. The Gateway Pundit reports that U.S. House Rep Maxine Water (D-CA) travelled to Brooklyn Center, MN to join them.

You can see her in the video below talking to reporters and others. She says some reprehensible things as a sitting member of congress. “We are looking for a guilty verdict” she says of the Derek Chauvin trial going on right now. Chauvin is the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd.

“If we don’t [get a guilty verdict], we cannot go away” she says of people in the streets. “We gotta stay on the streets. We gotta get more active, we gotta get more confrontational” she goes on.

Watch video below:

Some are calling for Waters to resign from congress. Others are calling for her to be arrested for “inciting”. We know if she was a Republican how things would go down but the right always plays the “what if” game instead of holding politicians accountable.

We think it’s tragic to see anyone die at the hands of police, whether it was a mistake, or whether the police did what they had to do in some cases. But many of these riots have turned violent. Many of them have ended up with stores being burned and people dying.

Peaceful protest is ok but rioting and unrest are not and it seems Maxine is endorsing unrest and yes, she should resign from congress in our view. New York Post reported in part:

“A curfew means that ‘I want y’all to stop talking,’” she said, adding, “I don’t agree with it.”

Waters said she wouldn’t stay out at the protest much longer personally — but she urged everyone else to keep at it.

“I came here for one reason, just to be here, to make sure that I let my thoughts be heard among all of those who have spent so much time on the streets. And so I’m hopeful that the protests will continue,” she said.

Protesters began the night chanting and playing music outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department, apparently live video posted to YouTube showed.

“No good cops in a racist system!” “F–K your curfew!” and “No justice, no peace!” they shouted, amid more colorful slogans.

A day earlier, nearly 100 people were arrested after the crowd tried to tear down a fence around the police station.

This isn’t the first time Waters has called for unrest. She called for Democrats to physically confront Trump supporters previously when Sarah Huckabee Sanders was kicked out of the Red Hen by Liberal owners in Lexington, Virginia.


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