Residential Rioting and Vandalism Breaks Out in Denver, One Instance Apparently in Front of Democrat Governor’s Home After he Previously Praised George Floyd Protests

Rioting broke out around the nation last night. Mostly Democrats if not all Democrats or anarchists in our view were the likely culprits behind most of it.

We reported earlier this morning that even U.S. Rep Maxine Waters (D-CA) was out rioting in Minnesota last night. One video of rioting claims the people in the clip are in front of the Denver Governor Jared Polis’ home. Polis previously praised rioters and left-wing protesters last year, during the George Floyd riots.

“The tagging continues outside @jaredpolis residence, apparently.” tweets one Twitter account, as you can see below.

There were many other Twitter videos from Denver last night, largely from the same account above, watch below for more:

“Antifa/BLM burn the American Flag and a blue lives matter flag. “Blue lives murder.” “Blues live don’t exist.”

“Whoa nice house bro,” initially painted. It’s followed up with, “Gentrifyers”. “Now it’s got a message.”

“F 12. Just tagging along.”

We reported previously that Colorado Springs Police allowed residential riots last summer while telling residents to stay inside. This story shocked the world. Now it has become all too common to see things like this. More video from Denver last night below:

“With cover from the march, a handful split into alleys, side streets, yards etc, and tag at will.”

“And the tagging… continues…”

More videos on Twitter are available from the @SCATSOTS account as well. Apparently Denver Police tried to herd rioters into only certain parts of the city, but they certainly allowed a lot to go down as well. More updates as we are able to bring them to you will be posted. Thanks for staying tuned.

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