McDonald’s Endorsed Rapper Travis Scott Continued Show During ‘Mass-Casualty Incident’ That Left Eight Dead

The Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas took a tragic turn for the worse last night as eight attendees were left dead with scores injured.

Rapper Travis Scott, who was part of a partnership with McDonald’s last year, continued the show, despite what many call clear signs of distress in the crowd.

In one video clip that has gone viral, Scott had even paused the show at one point to ask for help, but then inexplicably decided to continue.

Another video showed attendees can be seen jumping on top of the police personal cars while they were trying to get unconscious people out of the crowd.

Ultimately, the fire department initiated a “mass-casualty incident” at about 9:30 p.m., and authorities transported 25 people to the hospital. 

Houston Police Department Chief Troy Finner said at a press conference Saturday afternoon, “This is now a criminal investigation that’s going to involve our homicide division, as well as narcotics, and we’re going to get down to the bottom of it.”

One video clip that is making the rounds occurred at a previous concert, when Scott when to crowd surf and an attendee tried to take one of his shoes.

Scott orders security to beat the attendee up, who appeared to be a teenager, and can be seen putting the shoe back on.

Some are wondering if the festival should have been canceled in the first place after yet another video showed people overwhelming security at an entrance and storming the gates.

The festival was supposed to last for two days, but today’s part of the festival was canceled after yesterday’s tragedy.

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