McEnany: Trump Stands Against Defunding Our Brave Police Officers, Caving to Mob Rule, and Cancel Culture

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany held a press conference earlier today where she talked about what President Trump is doing to fight back against the Democrats and “anarchy in our streets.”

Before she took questions, she summed it up by saying, “President Trump stands against defunding our brave police officers, caving to mob rule, and cancel culture which seeks to erase our history.”

Let’s be clear: The rampant destruction of statues is not a part of any ideology, but this anarchy is aided by failed Democrat leadership.  And as President Trump has tweeted, these statues, quote, “are great works of art, but all represent our History & Heritage, both the good and the bad.  It is important for us to understand and remember, even in turbulent and difficult times, and to learn from them.”

So let’s stand for law and order, for peace in our streets, and against anarchy.  This is President Trump’s vision for the future.

Full press conference:

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