Politifact Deletes Apologetic Fact-Check Tweet About Joe Biden for Statement on Cannon Regulations During Revolutionary War

The story itself remains on their website. But it appears as though Politifact has deleted a tweet of a story, where they also ‘apologize’ to Joe Biden for having to fact-check him. It’s unclear exactly why the tweet was deleted, but conservatives may be left wondering if they received pushback from left-leaning media sources for making Joe Biden look bad.

Below you can see a screenshot we took of the tweet before it was deleted, and also a screenshot of where the link to that tweet takes you if you try to view it now.

As stated previously, at least as of now, the story by Louis Jacobson is still posted on the website. It is pertaining to a statement that Politifact claims Joe Biden made on May 21. “You weren’t allowed to own a cannon during the Revolutionary War as an individual.” The piece begins. That’s when they begin to dismantle Biden’s statement. In part they wrote:


The Biden campaign didn’t offer evidence to support his statement, and historians of the period are dubious laws against private cannon ownership existed.

There are documented instances of privateers, or privately owned vessels that legally attacked enemy ships during wartime, setting sail with cannons during the period. See the sources for this fact-check

Perhaps there was a technical error or typo when Politifact removed the tweet with the image and commentary since the story they wrote is still there, or perhaps they were worried about making presidential candidate Biden look bad. It’s tough to say unless they put out another tweet clarifying exactly what happened. Until then, this is about as much as we can report. Perhaps the Trump campaign will catch wind of this and capitalize on it? The full story can be read on the Politifact website.

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