Meghan McCain in Talks With Fox, Looking for a TV Home that Supports Her after Leaving ‘The View’

Meghan McCain is ready to get back on to TV. According to Radar, she is in talks with Fox News about returning to them.

McCain had previously left Fox News in 2017 to join ‘The View’. After three years with them, she is now trying to get back on to Fox News. While at fox previously she was one of the co-hosts on Fox News “Outnumbered.

Some speculated that McCain may have left Fox News back in 2017 as she felt they were too pro-Trump.

DailyBeast reported in July that Fox News was interested in getting her back on their platform, also asking if she would return.

Radar reported, “TV is a drug. Once you have been on a daily show it is almost impossible to walk away. Most people that have left ‘The View’ have tried to return to TV on different shows and networks, however, almost all of them fail – except Meghan who has been welcomed back with open arms by Fox News,” insiders tell Radar…”

“Meghan wants a new TV home that supports her and welcomes her views in a way that ABC never did. She needed a little break to recover from the toxic work environment at The View, but is now ready to return and show those women that they didn’t win by pushing her out. Meghan wants revenge.”

“I knows what women supporting women looks like, because I had it when I worked at Fox News,” McCain told Hannity. “I had a sisterhood at Fox that I lost at The View.…”

I kind of feel The View is like when the guy who has a bad reputation wants to date you and you’re like, ‘I’m going to be the one to change him. That’s what The View is to me. I was like, ‘I’m going to be the one to change this. I’m going to be the one that’s going to help the culture and whip it into shape and all these things.”

“I really loved debating politics. I actually really love fighting, as long as there are rules. I don’t like when it’s personal, and it started getting really, really personal,” she shared.

In her book, Meghan reveals she feels her cohosts enjoyed when she took time off to give birth. “I think they liked not having me. I think they liked not having someone who would fight with them or give an unpopular opinion. I was very insecure about not being missed on maternity leave. I felt it. I felt like they didn’t miss me.”

For 25 years, The View has been a platform on air and behind the scenes for strong women,” a rep for the show said in response to Meghan’s accusations.

Meghan could be viewed as an apple that didn’t fall far from the tree, in regards to her late father. As a Twitter user, Debra put it, “Why the hell would @FoxNews bring back @MeghanMcCain?? She’s a damn RINO”. She even titled her audiobook “Bad Republican”

“Why the hell would @FoxNews bring back @MeghanMcCain?? She’s a damn RINO. Take a poll from your viewers that have made you #1 in cable news if they want her back. Remember we made you #1 and we can give you @CNN ratings too”

It looks highly plausible that we may be seeing her face on Fox News as more. Some could wonder if she will spend her time as she did on the view bashing former President Trump and creating drama.

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