Meghan McCain Tells AZ GOP Twitter Account to ‘Go to Hell’ After They Take Epic Swipe at McCains and Other RINOs

Co-Host of “The View” Meghan McCain and daughter of former Republican Senator John McCain was fired up today at the Arizona Republican Party Twitter account over a pair of tweets critical of her father.

McCain quote tweeted a tweet that had been published yesterday where they said, “As the sun sets on 2020, remember that we’re never going back to the party of Romney, Flake, and McCain. The Republican Party is now, and forever will be, one for the working man and woman! God bless.”

“Honestly whomever is running this twitter account can go to hell,” McCain responded.

On Dec. 22, the AZ GOP had tweeted wondering “How do we keep losing followers when we mention Mr. McCain, but we gain many, many followers when we say #FightForTrump.” They brushed it off however, and said, “Oh well, it’s only Twitter!”

The AZ LD28 Republicans apparently disagreed with the way that the tweet was presented and quote tweeted that tweet on New Year’s Eve where they said, “As the sun sets on 2020 #LD28 Republicans encourage respect of all our elected Republicans living & deceased.”

“Hostility will not grow the Party or win elections. Home to the most current & former elected officials we honor their service & memory. Civility matters,” they added. The AZ GOP had quote tweeted that tweet in their response that McCain had replied to.

McCain wasn’t finished, however as she then quote tweeted the AZ GOP’s tweet again and asked, “How’d that work out on Election Day in Arizona?”

Dr. Kelli Ward, the chairwoman of the AZ GOP, quote tweeted McCains first response and exclaimed, “Good job, @AZGOP! Someone is #Triggered!”

McCain then quote tweeted that tweet in a pair of tweets as she first said, “And someone is threatened by another McCain.” McCain then accused Dr. Ward of failing in her position as she said, “You just lost Arizona both Senate seats to Democrats, the general election to Biden and turned the state blue for the fist time in generations.”

One thing McCain failed to point out that there is a major Demographic difference between now, and when John McCain won in Arizona, along with other Republicans. President Trump may have struggled in key swing states for various potential reasons, but his popularity with typical Republican voters has been high. In fact, he received more votes than any other sitting president in history.