Michael Flynn’s Attorney Destroys Obama in New Memo With 7 Key Bombshell Points

In an open memorandum to Barack Obama, Michael Flynn’s attorney Sydney Powell destroyed him with 7 key bombshell points. Flynn’s brother tweeted it out to get the word out, tagging President Trump and others.

As we pointed out before, she said First, General Flynn was not charged with perjury—which requires a material false statement made under oath with intent to deceive.

Second, it would seem your ‘wingman’ Eric Holder is missing a step these days at Covington & Burling LLP. Holder had made a similar motion to dismiss a case shortly after Obama took office.

Third, the inability of “anybody” in your alumni association to find “anybody who has been charged [with anything] just getting off scot-free” would be laughable were it not so pathetic. She listed examples of hypocrisy on how members of that association had gotten off “scot-free.”

Fourth, even if your many alumni don’t remember multiple reversals and cases that had to be reversed or dismissed for their own misconduct, we’re guessing Judge Emmet Sullivan will remember tossing the Stevens case.

Fifth, your alumni Weissmann and Ruemmler are no strangers to guilty pleas being tossed. At least two guilty pleas they coerced by threats against defendants in Houston had to be thrown out—again for reasons like those here.

Sixth, should further edification be necessary, see Why Innocent People Plead Guilty, written by federal Judge Jed Rakoff (a Clinton appointment) in 2014. Innocent people are forced to plead guilty by abusive prosecutors with painful frequency. Obama was a champion for social justice while in office so this should be a situation that he would endorse.

Seventh, the federal circuit in which you reside threw out a Section 1001 case for a legal failure much less egregious than those in General Flynn’s case. The jury convicted him on the theory it was a 1001 violation to conceal the info from the government ethics board.

Powell had appeared on Fox News saying that she believed the FBI and Obama “orchestrated and setup” the “whole thing.” She said it was “up to John Durham and Bill Barr” as to who would be charged.

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