Kayleigh McEnany Mocks “Thin” Obama Pandemic Playbook Replaced by Two Thick Trump Binders

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke today on President Donald Trump’s behalf. She started off the briefing to tell the nation about a program the administration is implementing to help U.S. farmers. After a brief summary of the $3 billion program, McEnany immediately started telling the audience about the comparison between former President Barack Obama’s pandemic playbook and President Trump’s.

“I would like to focus on the Trump administration’s unprecedented Coronavirus response. Some have erroneously suggested that the Trump administration threw out the pandemic response playbook left behind by the Obama administration.”

She then goes on to show a physical thin stack of paper, which is, she says the Obama playbook. After showing that she pulls out the “big guns”, the two thicker binders that is the new Trump playbook.

“This thin packet of paper was replaced by two detailed, robust pandemic response reports commissioned by the Trump administration. She goes to explain in further detail which you can see in part in the Media Right News Twitter video below:

President Trump and his administration have been very critical of former President Obama, ramping up their slams on the former adminstration amid new information about General Michael Flynn coming out leading to his exoneration as of late.

It’s not likely that President Trump will let of his criticisms any time soon, as he likes to punch back so to speak, against even the slightest of “enemies”, much less someone like Barack Obama who is more of an arch-nemesis in the eyes of the President.

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