Michelle Malkin Adds to Charlie Kirk’s “Demand List” from China for Virus Retribution

TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk earlier listed a number of suggestions on how China can “be held accountable for the spread of this global pandemic.” The list included, “Forgive US debt, Buy US goods, Bear the financial burden.”

‘America First’ supporter Michelle Malkin retweeted and added a list of her own, saying that he “missed a few.” The suggestions were, “Suspend EB5 for Chinese investors, end OPT for Chinese H1Bs in universities, pharma, hlthcare & sensitive research, suspend F1 visas to Chinese students, freeze H1B/H4EAD, an immediate overall immigration moratorium now.”

Kirk once fired one of TPUSA’s ambassadors for appearing in a picture with Nick Fuentes, a central advocate in the ‘America First’ movement and blocked Fuentes from a Politicon event that Kirk was speaking at.

America First supporter and VA-02 Congressional District (R) candidate Jarome Bell tweeted out a similar message, “cut all foreign aid IMMEDIATELY. Divert all saved funds to small businesses damaged by the media-driven economic crisis.”

The Daily Beast did an unfair smear piece last month with an article that was titled, “Michelle Malkin Endorses Racist CPAC Rival.” Author Denise McAllister claimed in a tweet that they earned their “Alinsky medal” for that article. It was an allusion to the book written by Saul Alinsky, ‘Rules for Radicals‘.

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