CNN’s Dana Bash Slammed by Fellow Libs for Trump Praise, Refuses to Recant

Earlier today on CNN, Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash shocked many on the left when she called Trump’s tone “remarkable” and the kind of leadership we need during a crisis and said his recent pivot was “pretty incredible.” She credited the possible change to Newt Gingrich’s Newsweek article, Chris Christie’s Op-ed, or perhaps his “friends at Fox News” for the “change in tone.”

This was remarkable from the President of the United States. This is a non-partisan, this is an important thing to note and to applaud from an American standpoint, from a human standpoint. He is being the kind of leader that people need, at least in tone today, and yes in tone, that people need and want and yearn for in times of crisis and uncertainty. So we have been talking about a lot of the specifics that they brought up today, whether it was construction companies giving the masks to the hospitals, the fact that they are thinking about the $1,000 perhaps the Andrew Yang idea to people, but big picture the fact that the President has been convinced to be different whether it was Chris Christie’s op-ed asking him to do it whether it was Newt Gingrich sitting in Italy watching first hand what’s happening or his friend’s at Fox News have changed his tone probably all of the above is what happened but it is so important to hear him strike that tone of calm and understanding how incredibly dire this is and the fact that he even said on the notion of people going out, somebody asked, what about people of all generations going out when they shouldn’t? He said they shouldn’t and they’re actually performing self-policing, that they’re telling, peer-pressure, that’s pretty incredible from a guy who a couple days ago was trying to downplay this to keep the economy going.

After verified Twitter user Erick Fernandez posted a clip of the video and said, “I feel like I’m living on another planet,” Bash doubled down saying, “Let’s all take a breath and remember we are all in this together.”

“Proud Democrat” and President Trump critic Andy Ostroy claimed that ” most ppl are frustrated w/the media.” He took her to task by saying that, “#Trump can act like a sick, twisted, self-serving, tone-deaf, pathologically-lying sociopath for 3 yrs but the one day he acts semi-human it’s like everything else is forgotten.”

In a possible attempt to appease some of the outcry, Bash responded to a tweet by Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard saying that while it was “important” to say what she said in that video, it was also “important to call him out on the way he largely and dangerously downplayed it until yesterday.”

Whether this is a sign of reporters at outlets like CNN turning over a new leaf or a one-off event where the criticism scares off others from speaking their opinion, even in dissension remains to be seen, one thing is for certain, and that is that the upcoming weeks will require continued strong leadership from the President to see the nation through.

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